Do You Think You Have Runners Knee?

Runners Knee is a medical condition that is very common among athletes and finding an immediate and effective solution to cure runners knee is very important for them to return to normalcy. What is Runners knee? Runners knee is a medical condition that causes pain around the knee due to the softening of a cartilage tissue called the chondromalacia found under the knee cap. Recently, scientists have found that exerting more pressure on a knee bone called the subchondral may also cause runners knee.

How Can You Cure Runner’s Knee?

This article gives an overview of the various treatment methods that help to cure runners knee. The following are the various treatment methods for the runners knee condition. Complete Rest The first step in the treatment for runners knee is resting your knee completely. You should avoid walking on stairs or uneven surfaces as this [...]

What Are the Symptoms of Runner’s Knee?

There are many symptoms that alarm you of an upcoming runners knee and it is important to cure runners knee on time to avoid further complication. This article provides an overview of the various symptoms of runners knee that help in timely identification and treatment. The first sign of runners knee is a slight pain [...]

What Happens to Untreated Runner’s Knee?

This article explains the after effects of ignoring runners knee and how this negligence makes it difficult to cure runners knee effectively. Ignoring the symptoms of runners knee can cause excessive tilting of the cartilage in the knee which will eventually lead to permanent damage of the cartilage.  A worn out cartilage is very difficult [...]

How Do You Know if You Have Runner’s Knee?

This article brings out the importance of timely identification and awareness to cure runners knee. It is not true that only athletes can get runners knee. A runners knee can occur even when you are doing normal activities like walking and sitting, but people who have an active life style like athletes are prone to [...]

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